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Adam and Eve, Eden Street, ParadiseThis website describes visits to Paradise in December 2004.

It all started when I received an e-mail from Kaye Fiorenza in Australia.  Kaye was researching her family tree, and had visited my Coventry Walks website .  She was trying to find out where "Old Yard, Foleshill" was.  Coventry library showed me an article from a 1900 edition of a local newspaper which recorded that "Old Yard" and "Paradise Street" in Foleshill had been renamed Eden Street.  The library also showed me the 1887 and 1906 editions of the OS map, which indeed show Paradise Street renamed as Eden Street, and the district around Eden Street/Crabmill Lane renamed "Paradise" - BUT no sign of "Old Yard".  The library then showed me a copy of the 1891 Census "Description of Enumeration District, which refers to "... all old yard in Paradise St., Crabmill Lane ...".  I visited Paradise on 1-Dec, found the Adam & Eve pub, Eden Street, Paradise, took some photos, walked round via Crabmill Lane and Stoney Stanton Road, and met some locals who promised to ask other local experts.

I emailed my findings to Kaye, who "walked the 1981 census route" from the detailed census data, and summarised her findings.  Meanwhile Ray Simmons, joint landlord of the Adam & Eve had phoned me, outlining his knowledge of the history, offering to show me old photos he has in the pub, and promising to keep asking customers and locals.  Ray also intends to create a website for the Adam & Eve, and I offered to take some better photos on a sunny day which he could use.  This lead to a second visit to Paradise on 11-Dec.

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Coventry Express May 1st 1964


The "full" version of the framed press cutting in the Adam and Eve today.  See cov-express-1-may-1964.doc for a descriptive document, 01-overview.jpg for an overview photo, and other files in the folder for details.

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